MiraiMind is a virtual organization and cooperation between the two companies Marlene Lyby and iBlowyourmind (Brian Dahl).

What is the meaning of Mirai? In 2018 I had the pleasure of visiting several companies in Japan. The company which had the strongest, lasting impression on me was Mirai Industry Co. Ltd. Mirai means “Future” in Japanese, and Mirai Industry was founded by a maverick son, who was kicked out of his father’s company, for putting too much time into his thespian activities. He then decided to create Mirai, the namesake of their theatrical group. 

Their ways mostly seem to be counter intuitive. The founder of the company was known to walk around and threaten people doing overtime by saying “go home, or I’ll charge you for the electricity”.

Employees are encouraged to question conventional wisdom (there are posters everywhere saying “Always think. Ask why, why, why”). 

Employees are entitled to 140 days of holiday per year, and they generally do not allow overtime.

They operate from the philosophy, that the less rules, the better, and believe that conventional management causes a lot of frustration and headache. Hence, they try to limit this as much as possible. As they like to say: “Those who know the Gemba the best, should decide” (Gemba = workplace).

Mirai Industry is a “white company” in contrast to a “black company”, which describes the two opposites in Japan.

They were proud of their “weirdness”, which made me admire them even more.

They are just some of our real life heros, who fortunately, are increasing in numbers.


Marlene is a young mother and researcher with an unappeasable drive for learning and evolving. People is her Passion! She loves sharing, teaching and interacting with others, and making other people thrive. This is done both by systematic use of knowledge as well as creative ways of dissimating this. She is a psychology nerd who has dealt with research for more than a decade and has great experience both within hardcore data analysis as well as practical applications of the newest findings and has been teaching in a wide range of arenas.

Marlene has a professional background as a psychologist within research in systems theory and life-long development at Aarhus University. At MiraiMinds Marlene teaches within the subjects of personal development, teamwork, cognitive ressources, and mindfulness.

Brian is a loving and caring man in the best period of his life, as well as a proud father. He is ever evolving, creative, fun to be with, and aims to be as authentic as possible. Brian’s true passion is to help other people excel and he is always busy gaining new insights in psychology and technology. Where he is met with challenges in the intersection of those two areas, he is thriving.

Brian’s professional background is in software engineering mostly from the telecommunication space. He is embracing Agile frameworks, and has been working with this professionally, almost since the onset of the methodologies. Brian has earned strong leadership skills throughout 21 years in various leadership/management positions in fairly large corporations as well as in small startups (people, projects and processes). His interest in people and psychology has steered him in the direction of psychology, and he is currently pursuing a master degree in NLP and hypnosis based psychotherapy, skills which he gladly applies in one-to-one coaching sessions, where applicable.