Personal leadership is the very foundation of our 3 modules, and is for everyone regardless of corporate position. Thus, we consider this as our personal leadership platform, which is applicable for everyone regardless of corporate position.

As the wording implies, it is about leading yourself. A prerequisite for leading yourself, is understanding yourself. This comprise evidence-based psychology, positive psychology, NLP, human perception and deterministic models. In sustainable organizations of the future, the whole person is engaged in respect of humans and our potential. This put, however, great demands on the individual: It is necessary to move from an understanding of WHAT I am to WHO I am, and accept our responsibility of our own feelings and actions. In sustainable organizations, the employees named “Someone”, “Everyone” “Anyone” and “No-one” are no longer employed. Personal leadership is an enabler for great success and happiness in your life, but it comes at the price of accepting one’s own responsibility.

The personal leadership platform, which can be delivered in English and in Danish, is highly modular, and we can compose a program tailored to your particular needs. Thus, it can vary from hours to several days, and can be supplemented with our other platforms. Part of the platform entails mindful practices, practices which are embedded in the organization’s routines in terms of periodic reflections and short meditations. It is our aim, that people come to work with a fully charged “battery”, and leave with a charge of at least the same level as when they met.

Additionally, we are offering executive coaching & mentoring, which is a good supplement to any transformation.